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Scraptiresusa.com recognizes that scrap tire recycling is one of the worlds most difficult dilemmas.  The computer controlled Scrap Tire Recycling CryoVortex TM is a line of cryogenic scrap tire recycling equipment that makes crumb rubber, rubber mulch and colored rubber mulch groundcover from scrap tires.  In addition to the superior recycled materials of Equestrian stall flooring Alterna Pave (tm), AlternaMat (tm), Horse arena surfacing AlternArena (tm), porous permeable pavement, playground surfacing CryoPlay (tm), CryoCrumb (tm) and CryoSteel (tm) the scrap tire recycling equipment uses nitrogen that provides state of the art fire prevention while recycling waste scrap tires.  This cryogenic scrap tire recycling equipment may operate at average rates up to 200 tires per hour for 6 days continuously (24 days per month).  The computer not only controls and monitors the safety and operation of the equipment but all important information is recorded real-time and sent to databases, reports and alarms for management.  See the "Products Page" for more information.

The Scrap Tire CryoVortex TM is the first and only true single pass scrap tire to crumb rubber processing equipment.  With the skyrocketing expenses within the scrap tire processing industry, the CryoVortex is the most profitable equipment to operate today and in the future.  The single pass design can save you money.  One pass can turn whole tires into fiber free and steel free crumb with 35% 2x4 mesh and 65% 4x80 mesh (contact us for details).  Additionally, the crumb rubber may be cryogenically or ambiently processed to your specific material size and surface.  Freezing the rubber does not damage it in any way.  Frozen rubber will regain it's normal properties when thawed.  In fact, ambient grinding is likely to cause odors, scorching and damage from overheating.

Cryogenics can be defined as the science of extremely cold temperatures.   The Scrap Tire CryoVortex Disintegrator TM can be defined as equipment that takes advantage of Cryogenics to reduce whole scrap tires to crumb rubber, steel and fiber in just one step.  Ambient processing does not take advantage of low temperature cooling of the grinding process.

We are no longer offering CryoVortex lines for outright sale.  At this time, we are only considering U.S. domestic cooperative partnerships or lease agreements with qualified individuals and businesses.  We are most interested in working with existing recycling or disposal companies wishing to expand their capacity and / or capabilities.  We will not be interested in international or export projects until 2012.  We have a "trust but verify" policy when evaluating new projects.  Before an international project would be considered, the related parties will need to pass verification by the US Department of Commerce.  Our policy is to only disclose technical documents at face-to-face, in person meetings.


The CryoVortex TM is a revolutionary product that enables you to go from whole scrap tires directly to crumb!  No chips.  Think of the additional profits you can make if you can SKIP THE CHIP.

The CryoVortex TM eliminates the costly step of chipping or shredding the tire first.  Your savings may be immense.  Now you can process whole scrap tires directly to minus 2 mesh down to 80 mesh.  Call the number at the bottom of the page to get details of percentages and pounds per month.

DUE TO THE EXCEPTIONAL INTEREST IN GREEN TECHNOLOGY, WE ARE EXPERIENCING A HIGH VOLUME OF INQUIRIES.  We don't give quotations to just anybody that asks.  We will need your business name, address and phone numbers.  We need to verify that bulk liquid nitrogen is competitively priced delivered to your facility before we consider your project.  Please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before contacting us.  We are in the Eastern Time Zone.  We are proud to announce new recycled tire materials of CryoMulch TM AlternaMulch TM AlternaPlay TM ExtendaMulch TM Alterna Pave (tm) Alterna-Pave (tm) AlternaPave TM  AlternaMat (tm) CryoInfill TM CryoPlay TM and CryoTurf TM .  These materials are produced by the CryoVortex and have unique advantages and properties.

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